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  • 御朱印帳のミニサイズ。切手+消印にちょうど良い大きさです。 Japanese binding book(Folding book).It is just right size for stamps + postmarks.

  • 表面のラベルは2種類あります。 There are two kinds of labels on the surface.

  • 片面18ページ。表裏合わせて36個集印できます。 You can collect 36 cards in total for both sides.

  • 集めた風景印をズラリと並べて鑑賞できます。 You can appreciate the collected signs and arrange them all at once.

  • 切手の絵柄とコラボできるのも風景印の楽しいところ! Collaboration of stamp design and postmark!


風景印をご存知ですか? 風景印とは街角の郵便局で手に入る絵柄の入った消印で、各地の歴史、文化、伝説や伝統芸能などの風物が描かれています。その郵便局がある地域のことを取り入れているので、各郵便局ごとに絵柄が違うのが特徴です。日本全国の郵便局のうち約半数にオリジナル風景印が存在しています。




Note for FUKEIIN collection

Do you know Japanese "FUKEIIN"? These are beautiful postmarks depicting the features of local history, culture, legends, and traditional arts. You can get them at many post offices.Because FUKEIIN incorporate aspects of each region, each local post office features its own, locally-inspired design. About half of post offices in Japan have original FUKEIIN.

【For Mailing, or for Collecting】
Fukeiin are actual postmarks. Post office use fukeiin to cancel stamps on letters or postcards.Because they are so beautiful, many find it a delight to receive fukeiin- stamped mail.If you would like to collect fukeiin, you can bring a piece of paper or a stamp book (with at least a 62 yen stamp affixed) to any participating post office. There you can receive a fukeiin postmark on your paper or stamp book.

【Fukeiin can make walking and traveling more fun! 】
For example, if you get a FUKEIIN at a post office near your home or in a nearby town, it can be an opportunity to discover some of the charm or history of the area.Also, if you collect a FUKEIIN while traveling, you can hear an interesting explanation of the fukeiin from the post office staff.Talking with the local people in this way, you can really add to the memories of your trip!

This is a Japanese style note for FUKEIIN collection.

お客様からのお便り / Customers how to use

  • 東京都荒川区 S様から

  • 神奈川県川崎市 S様から

以下のショップサイトで作品を販売しています。 These products for sale on the following sites.

  • minne(ミンネ)
  • Creema(クリーマ)

手作り市でもお買い求めいただけます。We sell the works in handmade market.


柏まつり 【ての市ストリート】


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